About Our Schools

The Rosary Education Group functions along the lines of an ever-evolving educational system that focuses on holistic moulding of the students. The happiness and well-being of each child is central to what we do. Through our inclusive approach each pupil is encouraged to try new things, develop their skills and talents and aim high in every area of school life, so that they are well prepared for the next stage of their journey. Our students acquire an education rooted in our ethics and are empowered to be global citizens of tomorrow. Apart from the regular curriculum, there are various co-curricular activities that provide immense enjoyment and pleasure for our pupils, but they are also the key to supporting a guiding principle of the Rosary education : the development of character. Confidence, motivation, enthusiasm, drive, creativity, resilience, team work, risk-taking, sensitivity, leadership, self-awareness —-these are all qualities that cannot be measured, and not all of them, by any means, can be developed only within the classroom. At Rosary, we believe in the all-round development of every student, accentuating the significance of both mind and body. The Rosary Education Group, is one of the best pre-primary schools in pune understands that these crucial years are rich in imagination and they indeed give the first-hand perspective of everything around. At this stage the mind is truly absorbent; hence at the rosary education group as one of the leading pre-primary schools & jr colleges in pune,

Our schools are both modern and forward looking, yet remain close to the values and principles on which they were founded in the year 1958. We believe this combination is a powerful one for educating young people—an education that will not only steer them towards a glorious academic career, but also develop qualities of character, confidence and sensitivity which will prepare them for the whole of their lives. We offer an education that is suited to the academic needs of the individual, ultimately resulting in well educated, concerned and able citizens of our world. We strive not just for results but also for the empowerment of our students through which endless solutions may be found.