Schools & Colleges

The Rosary Institutions are privately run, unaided, minority college preparatory co-educational institutions. Our schools and colleges are recognized by the government of Maharashtra and are affiliated to the S.S.C., H.S.C. and I.C.S.E. boards. The Aranhas’ have a rare heritage to their credit—3 generations of dedication towards education. Founded in 1958 by Mr. A.G. Aranha and Mrs. W. Aranha, the Rosary Education Group has basked in their commitment and risen because of their vision spanning 54 years. Our schools and colleges are full-fledged, multi-divisional institutions providing knowledge and inspiration to thousands. The Rosary name is synonymous with academic excellence. The teachers and students are almost like an extended family who perform in sync. This has translated into 39 years of uninterrupted success with 100 % results in the board examinations each year. We work on the philosophy of embracing the ‘whole child’ : socially, academically, culturally, physically and spiritually. The students are nurtured in an environment that is positive, stimulating, caring and enjoyable. This holistic approach has us constantly celebrating the successes and achievements of all our students. We offer curricula that is broad, thought-provoking and relevant in today’s world. The students are exposed to challenging and stimulating programs, which generate enthusiasm and a love for learning. It is our constant endeavour to ensure the development of a strong foundation of skills, knowledge and understanding, meeting the needs of each individual pupil. The co-curricular activities as well as out-of-school excursions, which are a part of every students academic journey, enable them to emerge with confidence from their all-round  and interactive learning experiences .  The Schools and Colleges provide a safe, welcoming, stimulating environment which each student takes pleasure in being part of.