Faculty and Staff

The Rosary Schools being among the elite educational institutions in the city boasts of a multi-disciplinary faculty and Staff which are drawn from the cream of academia. The institutions are ably supported by a large number of extremely dedicated teaching and non-teaching support staff. Their diverse backgrounds and immense experience provide valuable insights into the many facets of the daily curriculum offered to the students. They facilitate the honing of each student’s individual capacities to the optimum level and play a large role in shaping the students’ personality, knowledge and acuity.

Each student receives the help to identify, compensate for or eliminate problems that inhibit academic progress. The faculty constantly meet and update the parents and guardians on issues that are relevant to academic, social and psychological development of the students. The students are always aware that they are surrounded by teachers who care about them and completely focused on the needs of the students. The school and the staff are constantly striving to create an environment that is nurturing and welcoming so as to boost the self-confidence of every child.

The staff are constantly exposed to career-enhancement training forums, awareness workshops, multi-skills training and advanced courses ; thus enhancing their work and productivity. The staff take pride in the accomplishments of the students thus ensuring the academic and holistic growth of all the students. The individual attention given to each child ensures that every student keeps up with their respective peer group.