The Rosary Education Group’s mission is to strive to equip each student for tomorrow. We see our students becoming thoughtful , successful and important constituents of a globalised world through the high quality, balanced educational program that we offer each student. They will be recognized through their sense of mutual respect, understanding and trust. We aim at allowing each student to develop his/her whole being in all areas of development—academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and social to their full potential.
We want fro our young students to know themselves in the world. We must give them the tools of rigorous and passionate intellectual inquiry and self-expression so they can grow. We understand that we are called to challenge their minds, fire their imaginations and train the bodies of the young people who have been entrusted to us ; to enlarge their spiritual lives ; and to increase their capacity for mutual and self-respect .  We must teach them to distinguish right from wrong and then to do what is right so they can be persuasive and courageous citizens.
We aim to offer a dynamic environment where each student is challenged and supported to become an independent and passionate thinker. The individual is at the heart of everything that we do here , it is an environment that encourages independence yet simultaneously provides plentiful support.
While respecting traditional values, we believe that a progressive approach in education will empower and provide the students with tools to lead fulfilling and productive lives in an ever changing world.