Parents' Speak

These are the things that come to mind when one thinks of Rosary :
Discipline, Good education and Best results. As parents our priority is to provide a strong foundation in the growing years of our child and this is exactly what Rosary provides, giving the child a foundation that is built with the correct approach to studies and also building qualities like discipline and obedience .The teachers are so dedicated and teach the children with such love and understanding the the children are constantly eager to learn more. It is my experience as the mother of a Vth Std child that in the past four years my child has not only been encouraged to study but has also been provided the encouragement and training to participate in various extra-curricular activities and competitions.I truly appreciate the various physical activities like Sports and Yoga that are part of their curriculum and also the educational excursions and festivity based learning that the school provides.I believe that every child has their talents and strengths, but these need to be recognized and nurtured at the right time and in the right method, this is exactly the practice followed by the teachers at Rosary.I couldn’t imagine that my child, who was in the IVth Std then, could co-host the Annual Day function, but the efforts and the encouragement of the teachers made it possible for this to be yet another achievement for my child. It is not only the teachers but the Headmistress as well who takes a personal interest in the progress of every child.

I wish the teachers and the Management of the Rosary schools all the very best for all that they are doing to provide bright futures for all their students.

Proud Parent
Mrs. Shirin Aijaz Sayed
Four years ago we were anxious parents looking to admit our daughter into a good school. She got selected in two schools, one of them being Rosary. We did not hesitate in the least, and immediately confirmed her admission at Rosary. It was the obvious choice because of the name, standard and success the institution has in Pune. Rosary is one of the best schools in Pune and has a consistent history of over 53 years. She is now studying in Std II at the Karve Nagar School. Initially we were a bit hesitant as this is one of the newer schools started by Rosary, but within a few days itself our doubts turned into confidence. The methods used for teaching are remarkable, personal attention is given to each child which has seen the children grow both in confidence and knowledge. Since me and my wife are

both working we find the teaching methods very effective and reassuring for us parents. Looking back, we are absolutely certain that we made the right decision. We wish the very best to The Rosary Group and it’s staff.

Proud Parent
Avinash Joshi
Our son Advik Pavgi has been a student of Rosary school since the past four years.
We are very happy and satisfied with the unique teaching method followed in this school. Our son is constantly encouraged not only to study but to learn andparticipate in various other activities like Yoga , Karate , Music , Dance etc. We really appreciate the all round growth that my child is able to achieve because of the education he is getting here. We would also like to highlight the fact that
despite Bibvewadi school being a new school started by Rosary , the parentswere not asked to pay any additional amount other than the fees. In today’stimes when one hears so much about the commercialization in the education system , this is something worth applauding ! We sincerely thank the management and the teachers for all their efforts and wish them all the very
best for the future.

Proud Parent
Dhananjay Pavgi
I have two children studying in Rosary since December 2008 , Amitabh and Anupama .There are studying in Std VI and Std V respectively.Our association with the school since the last four years has been very pleasant. During these four years both my children have been nurtured and developed very well by the school.With the passage of time the communication skills of both my children have improved
significantly, having also developed problem solving abilities with a disciplined approach .The school not only focuses on the core curriculum but also involves the students in various other activities.I sincerely thank all the teachers for the personalised attention they give the students. The teachers have also inculcated habits of tidiness and cleanliness in the students. Different cultural programs and activities organised by the school have helped build the children’s self-confidence, apart from learning various skills. Apart from the regular activities the Annual Day programs exhibit different cultural programs where the students get a platform to express their talents and the involvement of their mentors is excellent.I am sure that moving forward each student of the Rosary Schools will become a great human being and a worthy citizen of our country.

Proud Parent
A.K. Bandopadhyay.
It is my honour and privilege to be associated with The Aranha’s Rosary Schools.My son Ojas joined this venerated institute in 2008. Rosary is not only renowned for providing quality education to it’s students but is also famous for promoting social, cultural and physical activities through their curriculum and thereby have an all round growth focused environment. The attention given to groom every student is indeed incredible.As a parent I am deeply satisfied with the teaching methodology adopted at this school.
The teachers and staff of the school are really very supportive. The environment at the school is really pleasant and the school is constantly engaged in adopting new changes that enable the further growth of the students. What are proud moment as parents for us to witness our son anchoring the Annual Day program. All the credit goes to his teachers who motivated him and built such confidence in him.I am sure it will help him throughout his life. As it is rightly said that every child is special with their own interests and competence, the school through it’s perseverance and envision is helping identify the hidden talents in every student and nurturing them in the right direction. The school has inspired us so much that now we have both our children studying in Rosary. I wish The Rosary Education Group all the very best.

Proud Parent
Supriya Golatgaonkar.