The Legacy Continues

Founded in 1958 by the imaginative and futurists Mr. A.G. Aranha and Mrs. W. Aranha, the Rosary schools have basked in their commitment and risen because of their vision  spanning 57 years . Even today this progressive culture continues to live at Rosary .
At Rosary we accentuate the significance of both the mind and the body. Activities like Dramatics, Cultural Events, Sports, Speech and Drama are just some of the activities which are part of the students’ learning journey ; these activities  provide immense enjoyment and pleasure for our pupils, but they are also a key to supporting a guiding principle of a Rosary education: the development of character. Confidence, motivation, enthusiasm, drive, creativity, resilience, team-work, risk taking, sensitivity, leadership, self-awareness—-these are all qualities that cannot easily be measured and not all of them, by any means, can be developed only within the classroom.

It is these key principles of allowing all students to reach their academic potential, giving the pupils the opportunity to excel and be involved, by creating an environment that places strong emphasis on the development of character and personality and the nurturing of traditional values, that has seen the students excel in all that they do.

Ours is an educational institution with a long and glorious history. Rosary is a leading, top ranking schools pune results over the last 40 years demonstrate—-100% results in all examinations —reaching academic excellence is one of our key priorities. Due to the care and enthusiasm of our gifted and dedicated staff, our students work hard and are well motivated.

Our schools have always been known to look into every aspect of the students intellectual, physical, emotional and moral health. By laying the perfect foundation and having a holistic approach, the environment the students are in ensures that they grow into academically and intellectually empowered individuals reaching their full potential.