Research and Development

At Rosary , students are introduced to technology early in their development . Students interact with software that enhances the many classroom experiences which promote higher-order thinking through interactive programs designed especially for them by our Research and development team. Students get both structured lessons and a chance to explore through play . As our children develop , they continue to build on computer knowledge through these interactive cds based on their curriculum , with added information that gives them a vast knowledge bank that goes beyond their text books. The research and development of various learning initiatives is an integral part of the student’s learning journey . Our students have the confidence of technologically literate individuals through these various teaching techniques. A vast range of learning material has been created to meet the needs of our students from all age groups and classes. We aim to continue to find new ways to innovate and engage the students through new learning systems that will open a multitude of curricula to meet their requirements . All of this is especially designed for the students , so as to ease their way into a now technologically savvy world.