Chairman’s Message

Welcome to our website! Let me try and capture in words the legacy that is Rosary.

The heart of the Rosary experience is the relationship between inspiring, caring teachers and talented, motivated and engaged students. At Rosary, “The life of the mind“ is not a cliché ; it is a lived reality.  Students here are enlivened by the power of ideas, made available with interactive sessions with the teachers, passionate about ideas that shape, define and change the world. In the course of their academic career here at Rosary, the students pursue a rigorous and challenging course of academic study that prepares them for success in the most competitive colleges and universities. Rosary students are engaged, active, happy participants in their own educations.

Beyond the classroom, we inculcate in our students the need to be responsible and caring , both inside the schools and as citizens of the city, nation and world. While Rosary school is best known for it’s intellectual vitality & for academic excellence we promise so much more; a balanced educational programme for body and mind, heart and soul, incorporating the arts, athletics and community service. Our students are thus able not only to grow into their best selves, but also to reach out beyond themselves to address the needs and realities greater than themselves.

I’ve discovered that , in profound ways , Rosary is best described as a mosaic ; an amazing assemblage of diverse individuals harmonized by a guiding vision , to become a thriving community in which the whole is even greater that the sum of its colourful parts .