Curriculum and Affiliation

Our curriculum reflects our respect for Rosary’s rich academic heritage , and our involvement with current educational practices and philosophical thought . It is a document that will continue to grow.

The curriculum right form the preparatory classes carefully considers all aspects of a child’s development : emotional , social , physical and cognitive . We believe that our students can best acquire a rich body of knowledge and the skills needed for future learning through a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and that builds upon itself year by year . It is our hope that the holistic teaching approach at Rosary is an expression of our mission which is to inspire a love of learning and to build self-confidence in every student.

We realize that the years of a child’s academic life are crucial ones in establishing positive attitudes and dispositions towards learning .We value each students natural desire to learn through creation and self-expression .

Through our well planned out curriculum we strive to build upon each student’s curiosity , while instilling in them a spirit of co-operation , a respect for others and their ideas and a satisfaction in personal intellectual growth .
Classroom instruction is complemented by a variety of special subject areas. These include library , computer , music , art and physical education & fitness. These co-curricular activities create an ideal blend that equips the students to be successful and important constituents of a globalized world with command over academics and social awareness.

The Rosary schools are Recognized by the government of Maharashtra and are affiliated to the S.S.C. and I.C.S.E. boards .